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  • Welcome to Talk Depression!

    We are a small online mental health support community with one simple goal, to help people realise they don't need to go through this alone.

    Our goal is to offer a safe and secure place for you to get help and support from peers who know what it is like to suffer in silence. We want to help bring mental illness to the forefront and help to break the "taboo".

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Community Rules


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Community Rules

No Spam. We have an absolutely zero tolerance policy. Spamming WILL result in an immediate ban.
No Religion or Politics. This is a mental health support community, we don't need to start fights among ourselves arguing about these things.
No Personal Insults. Does this even need a description?
No Advertising. Without prior consent from a member of the support team.
Quality and Meaningful Content. See below for what is classed as "quality and meaningful content".
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Quality and Meaningful Posts.
We would like to try and have a quality level of discussion here. We ask you to personally strive to ensure that each post you produce is:
  • Meaningful
  • Relevant
  • Unique - Something that hasn't already been discussed within the thread.
Rather than posting replies like "+1" or "Agree" or "Followed", please try to use the like button. If your reply alters the direction of the thread, please create a new one.

All content submitted to these forums should be in English as that is the primary language of the support team and as such, the only language we all really understand!


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No Spam
If your sole purpose is to spam our members, please save yourself the trouble and do not register.

Any automated spam bots should hopefully be prevented by our security features from creating new content, but as things evolve and become more aware things can obviously change. If you notice any spam around our forums, please click the "report" link and bring it to the attention of the support team.

Anybody found to be in breach of our strict anti-spam rules will be IP banned immediately.


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Certain advertising is permitted on our forums, but we ask that a member of our support team be consulted before submitting your post.

Due to the sensitive nature of our forums we like to approve and monitor each request independently and will make a decision on approval based on each individual request. If your request is not approved, we will usually give feedback as to why.

We also offer paid advertising, which is introduced to premium areas on our website. If this is something that interests you, please follow this link.

For a list of support team members, please click here.


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How to treat others.
Always treat our other members how you wish to be treat.

Do not single out people.
Do not insult people, especially based on:
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender
  • Sexual Preference
Do not share personal information on forums.
Do not share private conversations in a public domain.

Please remember, this set of rules is not set in stone and due to the nature of the community here, it is up to the discretion of the support team to implement these rules.

Note, that search engines index the content in all areas of this website other than the "trigger topics" and "urgent care" sections. When posting within these sections, do not post anything you would wish family and friends to not know about.


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Just one of you
Just one user account per person please.

When choosing a username, do not try and purposely deceive people by selecting something that could imply authority at the community.
Do not register a username that ends with a TLD such as .com, .net, .org etc. Our support team will modify an usernames that break this rule immediately and without warning.

This is a family forum so please keep this in mind when selecting a username.

Remember, everybody was new to a community once. Whether you have been here 2 hours, 2 days or 2 years your opinion and problems aren't valued any more or less than any other member. Established members should try and guide and support new members when ever practicable with regards to usage of the forum features.