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Trigger Warning Speedway ups and downs

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I've mentioned before that I've become a speedway fan. It didn't happen over night I've done six years of speedway duties it took two years for me to realise there were only two teams lol. However Last year i finally broke down and learned the rules and admitted that I've come to really enjoy the sport. So tonight I thought I'd write about this evenings speedway.obviously including some...

Trigger Warning My first Day

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This is an account of my first Job in the Ambulance, there have been many more , hundreds of jobs since but this was the first, this was the first I remember.
I have grown over 10 years and seen so much but this is the very first time I was sent out newly qualified and this was the birth of my new life. Names and places have been changed to protect peoples identities, but the story is real...

Article Moving Forward

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Well everyone it's been an extremely intense time for me, my medication change is still having a massive repercussion in my life. The change from Mitezapine to Trazadone has been a stormy one. Mitezapine was an excellent drug for me apart for one problem, it increased weight gain, in the ten twelve years I've been taking it I have put on a stone a year leaving me at twenty stone. I can carry...
Emerging from the mist
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Today has been one of those days.

Every little thing grates on me, every little thing annoys me.

I feel like I’ve been trapped in the mist, lost and alone. Such a lonely place to be.

But as I lay in bed trying to relax, I can feel myself emerging from the mist.

Im trying to be glass half full for a change, but it’s so draining.

New days

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Well it's been a while. My last entry was a very personal poem written for a woman I have known and loved for for many years, I wrote it not intending it to be seen by anyone but her, however, events led to me publishing it and now it's gone a bit viral. Poetry groups in different areas of the country have embraced it and even my daughters teenage friends have asked to read it and on reading...

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