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John Kaniecki

This article has been shared from PsychCentral. Copyright remains with the author at all times.

“It takes a village to raise a child” African proverb.

What is the role of community? There is a fundamental divide in this country but it isn’t articulated clearly? Should the role of government be to benefit society, or should government promote capitalism? We clearly have the latter.

The left wing and the right wind are parts of the same bird. That is the Democratic Party and the Republican Party really aren’t that far apart on most key issues. We have had both Democratic and Republican presidents and the endless wars have not stopped. The massive amounts of military spending continues while so many of the vulnerable in our society, especially the young suffer. There is no universal health care which makes medical treatment a privilege and not a right. We gorge the military industrial complex while we starve the needy. God forbid if something happens to you like cancer.

My publisher at Dream Big Publications recently had surgery for cancer. Now she is out of work and in need of radiation treatment. Unfortunately for her there is no radiation treatment available in her area. Thus she must travel to another area. All the while she cannot work at her job. She is in dire need of financial help.

So what is the role of society in this case? Where is the community support? Some people who advocate the ‘rugged individualism’ or our American character simply says “too bad”. After all one has to pull themselves by their boot straps. Social Darwinism is in play and if we help the weak it will hurt the country. Best to let the poor people die it will only improve society.

People who speak like this tend to be well off financially. I recall when all the financial institutions got into trouble because of their blatant greed. They were all in danger of going bankrupt because of their own fault. Suddenly these characters so full of bravado began to sing a new song. These financial institutions were ‘too big to fail’. The primary capitalist tenet was trampled upon as all these financial institutions ran begging to the government for help.

If treating all people equally and sharing resources makes one a communist than I am one proud communist. However treating people all equally and sharing resources also makes one a decent and compassionate human being. I believe in the philosophy of helping others as much as I can. That way when my time of need comes I hopefully won’t be stranded on my own. Whether you want to quote the Bible “one sows what one reaps” or call it Karma I really believe in it.

Let me tell you this one thing is that I hate giving people money. Mostly because I detest the concept of money itself. I don’t mind spending my money to help other people. That is if somebody is hungry I will buy them something to eat. A lot of poor suffer from more than poverty. In fact the biggest ailment of those impoverished is the spiritual negativity which teaches them that they will never be successful. That the poor, just by the criteria of their lack of money aren’t as good as people who are wealthy.

This country is a divided country and if we want to survive and prosper we must come together. The rich detest the poor but they strongly desire the same poor to go and fight wars for Wall Street. All the while in the organized violence people like Kristi get lost in the struggle.

Kristi is a very hard working person. Not only did she have a full time job but she started her own book publishing company and was running it very efficiently. She was diligent in her studies recently passing the test to get some advanced certification. She fits none of the criteria of the stereotypical poor. Yet she is a victim of a society that is cruel by design.

Here is a page that tells you how you can help Kristi in her moment of need. http://johnkaniecki.blogspot.com/2018/01/a-worthy-cause-for-worthy-person.html

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