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Hobbies as therapy


Staff member
Do any of you have hobbies that you use as therapy?
I've found that over the years my hobbies are what keep me sane. I discovered a love of writing. When I was at school I used to love writing stories. I used to get good marks for them, but that was not why I wrote them. My home life was pretty terrible, I don't want to go into it here but I found that when I wrote my stories I could escape into the new worlds of fiction that I created. I also loved reading and my reading also influenced my writing. In the stories I was the hero or sometimes the villain but always a person who could do things. Who was brave, admirable, chivalrous helpful and wise, all the things I couldn't be at home. Now as an adult I have re- discovered the dramatic edge the tale telling and it brings me great solace. I blog now and that helps. Sometimes I write a story. Often it's linked to my work but not always. I've found other hobbies. I paint figures. Crafting paint work and detailing is very relaxing, I do research about uniforms and history and that too is an escape and I thoroughly enjoy that too. So have you a hobby? Have you something that you can do for you? Something that isn't necessarily created for others, something that you can find peace in. I hope I've inspired you to think if there is anything that you may have fancied doing but never got round to doing. Give it a shot, you may find that you enjoy it, and if it doesn't work out there are other things you can try. There's a whole world of wonder out there, stand strong I'd love to here if you have a hobby that's helped you. Talk soon love agricola


Staff member
I wouldn't say I use hobbies as therapy, but I do have a couple that I like to try and keep up with.

I collect warhammer 40k and I go to football matches

I find both enjoyable and relaxing

I use to go to the gym regularly too, but since the birth of our 2nd child I have had no time for that.


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I’ve decovered the gym today lol I managed to loose 2 hours of my day today and loved it can’t wait to go back and swimming as well. But my therapy is definitely my bike that’s for sure.

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