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my friend Kerry

I was trying to think of a subject to write about the other night and instead I wrote this. This is for a very special lady friend of mine who is going through a hard time at the moment. Weve been friends for 12 years, its the first ever poem I have ever written for anyone ever hope you all like it,

My Friend Kerry.

My Friend Kerry, she’s very dear to me,
We've known each other for quite a while
A friend in times of trouble,
A support when you feel you can go no further,
With words of encouragement and wisdom beyond her years.
Intelligent, witty with a smile that lights up any room.
Hard working and professional, a mother and a teacher
with a great sense of fun and a laugh that's hearty and deep
I'm glad to know her,
she makes me feel like I could achieve anything and go any where
Helps me see the way ahead, like the light of the sun after the storm clouds clear.
My friend Kerry Generous and kind-hearted.
My friend Kerry I’m proud to know her and privileged to be her friend.

sometimes its good to just tell someone how much you care. stay strong everyone



Very good for someone who doesn't write poetry. Are you sure you aren't a hidden writer?

Very good for someone who doesn't write poetry. Are you sure you aren't a hidden writer?

I think I am a writer but ive never done poetry it just happened when I was thinking of her she cried when she read it, Ive never ever wrote a poem before
Do we have a poetry section ? I’ve written a few bits but they might very well be a bit to dark or offencive for on hear
There is not, but I will create a section for you now as that is a good idea :)
I’ve many bits written down again I’m no poet or any thing like that ,some I would say are poem’s some just random thoughts etc I will post some as and when I come across them
As some are on laptop some hand writen

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