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PsychCentral My Kid Is Fat, So Now What?


Erica Loberg

This article has been shared from PsychCentral. Copyright remains with the author at all times.

“You gotta get your face out of the feedbag.”

That is what my Father used to say when I was growing up and was going through a chubby phase. It sounds harsh but, I am grateful that he was always honest with me.

Parents today seem to struggle with broaching the topic with their kids when they gain weight, and need to be put on a diet. Weight is a sensitive topic but tip toeing, avoiding and ignoring the issue doesn’t help anyone.

My Mom, on the other hand, never said a word. It wasn’t until I was thirty, and gained weight from lithium, that she spoke up. We were shopping at the grocery store and I picked up half and half for my tea and she said, “Why don’t you get the skim milk instead.” Oddly, that offended me. My Dad can make a comment about my “spare tire” but my Mom can’t kindly mention selecting a healthier choice of milk?

I think since I grew up with my Dad voicing his concerns, and not my Mom, I wasn’t used to hearing her discuss my weight, but, when I look back, I would rather have the truth then nothing.

I say all this cause I think if you have a fat kid, it’s best to honest.

Just my opinion. Your opinion is welcome too!

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