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Deleted member 23

Fairly calm today at the moment around 3.
But a little anxious for a freind who has Something important going on today.


Staff member
9.5 right now feeling very isolated anxious and alone,
And I’ve no idea why !
sorry you are feeling so low, theres always people here to talk too if you need a chat, I for one am glad to have met you, I enjoy your writing and look forward to reading more. I live alone and sometimes suffer from isolation when I'm feeling ill, but there are people you can reach out too, I have found the site very helpful when ive felt all alone

Deleted member 23

Thank you cola ,
I’m feeling slightly better now !
a freind has spent pretty much the last few days with me and that has helped massively and made me feel much better!
I’m not really much of a talker but I now realize people are hear if I need them And I will keep that in mind
Thank you 😊

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