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PsychCentral What’s The Talk?


Kelly Babcock

This article has been shared from PsychCentral. Copyright remains with the author at all times.

… and counting

Nine hundred and ninety posts. Actually, more than that. This blog has been going for almost six and a half years.

And every week there have been three new posts. And every post has had something to do with ADHD.

Admittedly, some of the posts have been about my life, with just a hint of how ADHD has impacted or affected certain situations.

But other posts have been about new information about ADHD, historical discussion of symptoms and names for ADHD, tips and tricks to make life with ADHD a bit easier to deal with, I’ve tried to find it all and bring it here for you to read.

That’s a lot of posts …

Looking back at some of the older posts I sometimes think I’ve pretty much said it all.

But I realize that as times change and as perceptions change, new ways of looking at ADHD are needed.

And as I read through my posts I see that my perspective has changed over the years.

Old and new

The old posts still ring with the strength of my convictions, they aren’t wrong, they are just more of a snapshot of where my head was at back then.

And yes, I may be repeating myself, writing about things I’ve touched on previously, but I find that I have more to say, different things to say, as my view of this insidious disorder acclimatizes to the light of each new day.

And I am not done!

I may be ready for a little break, but I am not done talking about ADHD.

And even if I am telling people things I’ve said before, I feel the need to say those things, again and again and again.

And here’s why …

There are still people out there who will take your money and sell you a “cure.”

There are still people out there who will take your money and sell you a book that says what you already know in cleverly crafted words but draws conclusions from false logic.

There are still people out there who will take your self esteem and dignity by declaring their personal belief in the invalidity of ADHD.

And I will still be here to shout them down.

But additionally, there will be people who have done research into ADHD, solid research, scientific research, and I want to share that when it comes across my desk.

There are people writing books that talk about coping and acceptance, and I want to share those when I find them.

There are people who are successful and have advice to offer, and I’d like to introduce them to you as well.

And then there’s me …

Am I successful? Yes, sort of. Am I happy? Oh yeah, I’m happy.

Am I rich and famous? Hmmmm, I am rich in my life because I realize how good my life is, and I’m famous in my home because I am loved there.

And I am happy to share that richness and fame with everyone who wants to hear about it, and hear about everything else I know and everything I find out about ADHD.

Nine hundred and ninety-two posts? You ain’t seen nothing yet. This disorder isn’t going away, and neither am I.

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