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What has annoyed you today?


Staff member
Today I was annoyed by fact I forgot where I was going when driving and ended up at the completely wrong area. Massively in the wrong place :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


Staff member
Premium Members
The fact that I’m not going to see or hear from someone very close to my heart for 3 days, it’s going to be a tuff time he means so much to me right now.


Staff member
My son had a meltdown over a silly accident and it nearly ruined Christmas for us all. Hes ok now but im still a bit dissapointed not with him im just dissapointed that he got hurt by a silly mistake and it made me feel sad '


Staff member
Premium Members
My manager!! I’m on a 8 hour shif tomorrow and on close down with someone who has no clue on what to do!! I’m on light duties and his is disabled (This is not normally a problem) and means he can’t do much as in helping close the shop he don’t know how to close the tills etc so it’s all left to me!! When I said something to the Boss she just fobbed me off!! Ahhhhh gonna be a long day tomorrow!!

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